Executive Martial Arts Assessment

Assessments - baselines - reporting - options

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Why Martial Arts

What do Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg know that you don't?

This is not about becoming an action star-

This is about being your best and staying your best.

Martial Arts require your brain and body to work in concert to accomplish a goal.

It has been described as Kinetic Chess.

How is Martial Arts from 100's of years ago relevent?

Modern Applications

Have you ever tried to clear your mind, but can'?

Martial Arts can help

Has going to the gym lost its excitement?

Martial Arts can help

Feel like you are just losing your edge?

Martial Arts can help

How do I know what Martial Art is the right one for me?

We can help!

Brazilian jiu-jitsu martial arts
Businesswoman Balancing Life Work And Fitness

Why Do an Assessment?

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You don't have time

"You can always make more money, but you can't make more time."

Imagine the convenience of having an expert handpick the right martial art for you, saving you countless hours of research and trial and error. We'll provide you with a tailored recommendation that aligns with your preferences and fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

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This is our expertiese

We will narrow down your search based on location, specific needs, and personal goal to give you the most valuable experience, and reducing your search to 3-5 options instead of hundreds. We can help you find the best martial arts instructor, not just the best martial arts marketer.

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Focus on what you do best

Don't let a lack of time be a barrier to your personal growth and well-being. Contact us now to get started on your martial arts journey without the added stress of finding the right fit. Your time is precious, and we're here to make it count.

What to Expect

The Executive Martial Arts Assessment is broken down into 4 parts:

  • Goals and Preference survey- This is to help us to get to know you, your likes and dislikes related to martial arts, your goals and the outcomes you would define as a success. This is an email form or can be done by phone call for a $50 upcharge.
  • Physical Assessment- This is a measurement of physical characteristics, abilities, and baselines through a series of tests. We will meet you at a location of your choice, though we recommend a degree of privacy when possible so that you can be honest in your assessment and even learn your true limits. We ask that you schedule an hour of uninterrupted time.
  • Written Assessment- We take your preferences, and physical assessment and combine it to give you a baseline ability report.
  • Referral Listings*- For Gold level above, based on the preferences and recommendations, we will put together a list of coaches, instructors, and even masters of sport for your next steps. For Platinum level we will schedule the the first class for you until you find your fit.








Str UP

Str LW



List of Martial Arts

Our list of Martial Arts available is a high-level level overview and not comprehensive, but meant to give you a starting point.

For example there are almost 100 different variations of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), multiple forms of Tai Chi (including a combative style), and multiple linages of JKD (Bruce Lee's System) and Kempo (Ed Parker's System).

Unfortunately, the best martial artists are not always the the most famous martial artists, or the best marketers. Also connections are often required in the communities. If you wanted to train with a Master of Sport (internationally recognized competitor and instructor), would you know who to call? We do.







Karate (traditional)

Wing Chun




Ju-Jitsu (Traditional)




JKD/ Jun Fan

Tai Chi




Krav Maga

Muay Thai



Judo sparring
Men Practicing Taekwondo
Female Boxer Training inside a Boxing Ring
Brazilian Jiu JItsu BJJ professor teaching technique from the guard position to his students in training class at the martial arts academy
Woman self-defense trick against the man's attack. Strong women practicing self-defense martial art Krav Maga
Two Muay Thai Boxers Fighting

YOur Next Steps

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CAll TO schedule an Assessment

Contact us at (806) 419-4685 or email us 4ExecutiveMartialArts@gmail.com to get started and select your service level.

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Fill out your personal survey

Fill out the Survey online or over the phone for a small upcharge.*

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Get your baseline assessment done

Go through the physical assessment. This is all about learning where you are and what steps and activities can help you reach your next level.

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Review your Report

We go through the report and show you how this can be your road-map to finding the right martial art(s) for you.

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Schedule your First CLasses

Once you know the categories best suited for your goals, get into the class and start your journey!

For Platinum level executives, we will make introductions and schedule the classes for you.

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Martial Arts Fighter in Red Kimono

Service Levels

We have a service level to meet your needs.

From just pointing the way to a full service beginning we will meet you were you are now and help you get to the trainer you need.


Summarize the key points here.

  • Online Survey
  • One hour in-person assessment
  • Baseline report
  • Report Review Call
  • Martial Art Recommendations



All of the Basic Level plus:

  • Survey Call instead on Online



All the Silver level plus:

  • Contact numbers for coaches, schools, and studios in your area
  • Advanced evaluation form for each location with 3 follow up calls



All other levels plus

  • We will set up contact for you with matching instructors
  • Access to high level exclusive instructors who work by referral only
  • Martial Art Guarantee- we will work with you until you find your match



We have a board of multiple experts reviewing your results and coming to a consensus on recommendations. We do not "pay to play" with any of our recommendation, studios, gyms or schools. We charge the prices we do, because we work for you, not as a marketing arm for another "McDojo." Our purpose is two fold.

  • Help you access and find some of the top rated instructors in the nation quickly and effectively, while avoiding the places that can actually even be harmful.
  • Help promote and keep alive the REAL martial arts programs in the nation, that are amazing schools, but frequently not the best promoters of their programs. These are the diamonds hidden in a pile of glass.
Martial arts
Man practicing martial arts in nature
Martial arts
Martial Arts Fighter in Red Kimono
Martial arts defense

All of our experts are certified in multiple martial arts and have trained in far more. We know this is a difficult journey because we have had to wade through a lot of garbage to find the gold. We know what quality martial arts looks like, and we can take our combined hundreds of years experience to help you start your journey off right. Contact us now to get started!